Who did Jesus die for? Thought for the day

I was just ruminating on the idea of the American church message that it is okay to be a sinner when you first come to Jesus but then, it’s time to straighten up and become new. I loved the concept so much and I tried in every way to do just that. Then reality hit me, Jesus died for sinners. Period. Sinners, people who cuss under pressure, or get selfish in pain. People who worry too much, eat too much, fall off wagons and land in the gutter…again…and lay there for awhile until Jesus picks them up, dusts them off and says “come on, I love you more than that.” Thankfully Jesus has not been like the church has been to me. Thankfully I have a lot of grace coming from Jesus and not so much coming from the church.


4 thoughts on “Who did Jesus die for? Thought for the day

  1. victoriawoodworth says:

    I am so grateful that GOD is better in every way than we are, and that He loves us with a fire and a passion that we can never fully understand…so amazed and grateful that He meets us exactly where we are, over and over again. Wow.

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