It’s deep into the dark night of something mysterious. We are God lovers and we are Jesus sisters and brothers and we run blindly into the night and we wait to catch a breath of something so holy it will change our cells. We free fall into arms that speak love and sometimes seem indifferent and we gather our courage and we try again. To reach the holy one in the dark, when there is no light, is this lesson of Christ that leads me to repentance.  Moments of trial and pain, I will kneel down and try not to strain. I will lay before him broken and ask for his love to quicken everything that needs his touch and I wait as music rises up and the swell of my heart beats louder in my ears. I wait, for that magic moment, the woman with the issue of blood, the angel stirring the waters, the man lowered from the rooftop. I am all of those people, waiting for his holy shadow to cross my beggars cry.  If there is one thing I remember in my wilderness of ragged and jagged edges, God touched me in a moment. It took one moment to change my life. I believe in another moment. I cling to it. It is my holy hope. The mystery of something swirling in love. 

I will wait

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