Last Night

Some nights are darker than others. By that I mean the circumstances cloak our confidence and cover us in questions to a benevolent God. I believe it is often called “The dark night of the soul.” A place of bewildering fears and perplexing symptoms. If you have missed the fun, good for you (not sure why some of us are having more fun than others.) As for me,  life is what happens when your making other plans and that can drag a person down.

I have recently realized that most people live in a blissful place of denial and indifference. They can actually NOT be overcome with grief and anger while watching the evening news. They can drive past a dying animal on a highway and not feel led to help. They can avoid thinking about the brown clouds and the acid rain and the species growing extinct. They don’t give any of it a second thought.  I am not trying to toot my own horn, I am simply using this as an example. For many years I have been trying to raise awareness and funding for little orphans kid’s (I call them sparrows) so they can live, grow up and not be so deathly ill by contaminated water that they can’t change anything for their fellows. I was turned on to the needs of orphans by a former friend and Playboy playmate Susie Kraubacher who was doing amazing work in Haiti. I helped her for a while and then I felt led to find my own little corner of the world.  I actually thought most people would care if I showed them the need. Wow was I wrong about that! What has happened more often than not is the indifference. They cant get past their own little need in the luxury of living here, with running water and toilets. They can’t (or won’t) put themselves in someone else’s shoes and walk for a minute. They “have their own charities they give to or they don’t know if their money will actually go there.” If I post that I am close to funding another water well, they “like” it but they never take the next step. Just click on the button and donate…$10…think how great it would be if everybody gave just $10. I am not trying to shame you here, but I am asking you to think. What is holding you back? Why won’t you help those little sparrows? I think it’s great if you actually do give to other charities. I hope it is monthly and generously. I just want Americans and the well to do in the world to give a s&*%. Wake up to your blessings and be willing to share just a tiny part of your blessings with others. Do I sound angry or tired? I am. I have been deathly ill off and on these past three years and I don’t know if I have much more time and I am really wanting to help as many little sparrows as I can. I am tired of the elite having it all without gratitude and a heart of compassion and love for others. It can cause me to question everything good in my fellows.  So last night was a dark night of my soul. A lonely journey into darkness (both literally and figuratively) that had me wondering if I was dying. After a night of prayer and extreme sickness and then awakening after a few hours of sleep in my cushy, warm bedroom, it suddenly hit me just how many people around the globe have those nights and they are alone and without clothing and bedding and fresh water to drink and food to nourish them. It hurts like hell even under the best of conditions (like mine) and they have to suffer without hope. It breaks my heart to type that last sentence because without hope you will perish and they do…by the millions every year around the world. 

I am asking again (for them) do you want to help me to fund life?

#orphans #lonely #justdoit

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