Communion & The Moon

My precious Uncle (a Colonel in the Air Force) shared a wonderful story that he heard from his friend Charles Duke an Astronaut, concerning the very first moon landing with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin was an Elder in a Texas Presb. church and when he realized the responsibility he was carrying by the world-changing, historical event he wanted to honor God. His Pastor prepared a chalis with wine and a wafer to symbolize the body of Christ. He wanted to share this with all who was listening that first day when they landed on the moon. NASA, would not allow him to do that after the atheist Madelyn O Hare was causing them legal problems after Apollo 8 read from the book of Genesis as they orbited the earth. So after asking every man and woman to pause on this historic event and give thanks in his or her own way, he then went into radio silence and pulled out the communion wafer and wine. In his own words he said “I poured the wine into the chalis and because we are one sixth of the gravity on the moon the wine curled and gracefully came up the side of the cup.” He then read from the Gospel of John and 250,000 miles from earth the first food and drink was consumed. That drink and that food was the symbol of the very creator who made the Heavens and the earth.  The very symbol of everlasting love was taken to the moon.


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