The Morning after a storm

It’s the morning after a storm. The storm can be something as huge as Irma or as small as having the flu so bad you pray to die. The storm can be a health crisis, or a bankruptcy. The storm can bring unexpected challenges that topple your confidence in a benevolent God. The storm can be a catalyse for change. Storms come into every man/ woman’s life and some of us are more prepared than others. Some of us are more proactive about a storm coming. We buy insurance, bottled water, flashlights and stockpile some food. We tag our beloved animals for identification in case we are separated. We pray and we strain and we let go as the storm’s approach. Sometimes we even have the strength to ride the crest of the wake through the storm, or kneel in peace through the eye of the storm.  Sometimes we look death in the eye……

The morning after the storm is one of deep breaths and sighs of relief. We have opened our eyes again. We have seen the backside of life and we survived. The hand of God swept the clouds away and today there is blue skies once again. The morning after a storm brings a sense of wonder for life again. We have survived and we are fully alive. We understand so clearly how fragile life is, how violent the testing can be. We are shaken and we are thankful and we are mindful of the gift of life. The morning after a storm is a wake up call to our days. It is a reminder that we are finite and there is a infinite God. It’s a reminder to live each day as if it were your last, for one day it will be. It is a reminder to lean and look up and thank the Lord from whom all blessings flow. It’s a reminder to go forward and to be thankful. One blessed storm free moment at a time.


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