Eyor knows the truth

I am sitting in my bedroom, doors shut and sealed from the outside air of pesticides and the inside air of sewage and mold, in a beautiful place that resembles what was my peaceful place until (yet again) someone chose death products to spray into the air around us all. Pesticides KILL. They kill bugs and they kill birds and they kill clean groundwater and they even kill people. Some people die slowly with cancer and Parkinson’s and MS and some die quickly with heart attacks and strokes and YES I am saying they cause these things in the vulnerable among us. I recognize that many of you stopped reading right there. That I might be sounding like a neurotic, fanatic woman who is not telling the truth because you can buy Raid and Johnson and Johnson is “The family company” and it hasn’t seemed to hurt you. RIGHT?  Wrong. Pesticides are PROVEN causes of Parkinson’s and Childhood cancers. They are the leading cause of neurological symptoms (depression) and have been banned in foreign countries but here in the good United States of America, Scott Pruitt and the EPA and the Trump Administration have taken millions of dollars to remove safety measures of these products. They have changed the clean air and the clean water act so that massive amounts of chemicals are now being poured into our air and into our water in ever-increasing TONS and we are the experiment for the chemicals. We are the lab rats. How many of us will exhibit and how many of us will die? Who in the medical professions are trained in what chemicals do to the body? Do they even know what to call the symptoms walking into their emergency rooms and offices? I think we are the canaries in the coal mines. The chemical companies all around us are plying us with fear tactics about Zinka and West Nile, when those cases (as tragic as they are for the few victims) are NOTHING compared to the suffering these chemical bombs and spraying programs are causing to the masses. Yet somehow they have convinced the unsuspecting population who hates a mosquito bite (Rose geranium works great BTW, as does Lemon Eucalyptus) that the massive chemicals are needed to save them, (To the tune of BILLIONS of dollars to the chemical companies) They have convinced consumers who hate spiders (peppermint is great for causing spiders to vacate and go do the job they are designed to do which is to kill insects that are far more damaging) that they must spray. There is a beautiful eco-dance that is meant to be happening and we have caused it to go completely out of balance. We are causing more problems than the insects have created.  For those of us who are already severely damaged by chemicals it may be too late. To those of you who are still living your “beautiful” life and the worst thing you have is a headache or aching joints when the sprays happen around you please wake the **** up! I was once very healthy. I was once able to go anywhere and eat anything. I was once living my life in complete ignorance about our government and their lack of protection for their citizens. It takes a moment in time to change everything. When will your moment come? A cancer diagnosis, a trembling finger, a dizzy attack, a heart attack after being exposed days before? An increasing inability to tolerate foods? More depression in your days, seemingly without reason? A teenager full of rage? WAKE UP!!!

One of my favorite character in Winnie the Poo is Eyor, because he knows that life can be truly hard and he, with his sad sweetness is sounding an alarm. My hope is that you will listen. Listen to those of us who suffer. Listen and change.

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One thought on “Eyor knows the truth

  1. Lysol is as bad as any pesticide. Any ethanol based cleaning or sanitizing product is. The list is getting longer and longer. Ethanol, likely from glyphosate ready GMOs, causes swelling for me making my brain not work properly. GMOs in dairy and other things irritates my lips, mouth, throat, stomach. I am lucky that my body warns me of these toxic things. Some do not, but they are likely doing the same damage. I am disabled by these things used almost every where since about 2008 when most cleaning and sanitizing products changed to ethanol based. I’ve been bothered by these chemicals all of my life. It used to be pretty easy to stay away from them, but no more. Now they are used all over. I can no longer go to the dentist or donate blood because of the products used. Not going to the dentist for preventive stuff is scary. Not being able to go into any medical facility is pretty scary too. I am just the extreme. I’m sure this stuff is bad for most people. Just that I am aware of it.

    If you could seal up a room, you would suffocate without air source.


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