A House Of Sharp Stones

With the up coming release of Lynn Schriner’s latest book called, A House Of Sharp Stones  we wanted to peak your interest a bit by sharing a few snippets from the book. First the book is divided into three sections. The first is called The Lovers Chapter, the second is called God Thoughts and the third is called Wandering Words. Each brings Lynn’s unique way of expressing her world. For instance from her poem Sugar lips comes this line : “I thought, bring me your prayers and your sugar lips, entwine them on my heart with a kiss.” Or this one from In the Dark, “We mark our souls like dogs mark their yard”.   And from the God Thoughts comes this line ” It’s church and Christmas eve, sugar coated people in distress”. Finally from the Wandering Words comes this line from the poem If My Heart Were A Garden “And when my time is over on this earth, let those who loved me best come and sit, listening for the heart of my soul and to breathe in the scent of all that was good in me”.

Coming the end of June 2017 A House of Sharp Stones

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