I want you to Know

I want you to know, when we were young and thought ourselves to be sisters, never questioning the validity of blood as the heart of us was so soundly family.

We were girls, one fair and one dark, sharing vivid hours and years, adventures of which we didn’t fully understand.

We two girls,slept in white nightgowns and showered with our incessant youth,

and kissed the boys

and climbed the mountains

and questioned everything.

We drove long distances, and slept curled up like puppies, one in the back seat and one in the front. We sat across rooms of laughter, so much silly laughter.

A lifetime of chasing and running and quick hello’s and long distance and letters written in squiggly handwriting of love.

Cat called to tell me you were gone too soon, a lifetime so sure of itself we gasped at the severing and the unsuspected loss. Your voice, laughing with me just days before, I knew not it would be our last. Staggering, is the silence of you gone.

I pick up the book you signed to me 40 years ago on Christmas day “To my dearest friend.” LOVE so sure footed…. those snippets.

In this night before we stand together to send you off, I can still hear your laughter. I want you to know, you’ll always live here in this broken heart we called home.


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