Can we receive the gift?

God came that we might have life and life abundantly That’s in the bible and it doesn’t come easy.(At least not to me)  I have been given much. A loving Father who worked hard and gave me every material thing. Being born in America, where I went to school, traveled across the United States, Mexico and Europe.  I had healthcare and I had food. I took freedoms for granted frankly, thought as a child that some how it was my due. I didn’t like some of my freedoms (church being an example) and Brussel sprouts (Who came up with that?) I was just a typical American kid, oblivious and self-centered. I was that way until I went to Mexico and I saw hunger and poverty for the first time. I remember the children, dirty and begging in tattered clothing. I remember the Desabuoqi Indians eating their dogs and drinking their nasty liquor that they distilled themselves. No teeth, large protruding bellies. (They would have loved Brussel sprouts in butter) It changed me. I took my food rations and I fed the skinny, filthy dogs. I wept at the sight of the children eating dirt. It changed me.

I wonder if God feels that way about us? I wonder if he see’s us (me) in this beautiful place of refuge (Earth) eating dirt (metaphorically) while gardens of glory are shining just to the right of my ability to believe?

That’s my thoughts today…that’s it. Can we really receive the gift?

God show me what I believe and help me to see what it is you have for me.


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