What do I love? 15 reasons for gratitude

Gratitude is counting your blessings in the middle of your sorrows. Being a natural born Eyor I work HARD to see and count my blessings. I am starting a list of all that is within and without that I can be thankful for.

  1. I love morning light in my kitchen window. It’s golden glow coming through the forest and filtered by gauzy sheer white curtains is breathtaking.
  2. I love the sounds of birds. They are the music of the mornings for me.
  3. I love the heat off of my husbands body when I am chilled. Because I am skinny and living with auto-immune diseases my regulatory system is whacked. He is much like a roaring fire on a winters night.
  4. I love my sister Vick’s voice on the other end of the phone. She is a constant source of love for me, even though a thousand miles separate us.
  5. I love my dad’s laughter.
  6. I love when my puppy Mister dances on his hind legs. We have many problems between us and he can hurt my feelings with his indifference to me, but when he dances joy rises up in my spirit.
  7. I love the little Nest cottage my husband built for me. It brings joy to others in the summer when they visit and it is my nest in the winter. I can read, do yoga, write, paint or any number of things apart from the main house. It is so tiny that there isn’t anything to distract me. I love that
  8. I love wide open skies, they remind me how small I really am and how awesome God is
  9. I love little churches in rural places with cracked bells and cracked people who love Jesus as much as I do
  10. I love the feel of our rain shower upon my skin. I love water and am thankful we have so much of it.
  11. I love knowing that God has a plan for me even when I can’t see the whole of it.
  12. I love my orphans, deeply love them and I love Africa. I have never been there due to my health problems that confine me, but God has brought Africa to me. I have met the people, danced with the children, listened to the sorrow, seen it’s beauty. I love how I don’t have to travel there to be there. It lives in me
  13. I love fall. I love the warm sun and the changing leaves that burn fire and golden light and I love the sky which becomes an ever deepening blue mystery of glory.
  14. I love hearing from people. I love a card in the mail, a voice on the phone, a smile at my door. I love when I am remembered.
  15. I love flowers blooming and watching bees it sets my heart right.

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