My inner Snarky

I have always considered myself to be a kind and loving person. Recently after a rough patch of rejection and indifference that left me gasping for air by the side of life’s road, I am getting to know another side of me. I will call her “Snarky”

Snarky is a voice inside of me that rambles after a few nights of not sleeping well and being in pain. Snarky is the voice that hardens my heart to others. It is the voice of jaded indifference to another’s pain and I don’t like her. I went to God about Snarky actually, and here is what I got. Snarky is why Jesus died for me

You see, the loving side of me has found Jesus to be an easier journey of love. The other side of me flows and worships and is thankful pretty much all the time. It’s Snarky that brings me to my knees. It’s Snarky that reveals my need of Jesus.


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