Rabid dog

I walked blinded and fully sighted into a day that tore away the fabric of “gentle as she goes.

More like a rabid dog tearing at the coat tails….

So I prayed, forgave the beast and found the book of miracles laying by my bedside.

This world can shred all hope but something mysterious lay in those words spoken.

There is always the fringe of the garment as he walks by in my praise. I can reach out and touch him.I catch a glimpse of his love and find some sweet release.

The rabid dog can try to stop the life in me

But he won’t win, because I am skin and bones scrappy and full of God.

Like David and the giant, that breastplate was bigger than his skinny self and he roared with the lion in his heart.

I am not ready to go without a fight

all God sized and hotter than the breathe of some mangy dog snapping at my heels.




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