The Planet Blue

It’s a cloudy day again, in the deep pockets of earth, there are puppies wrestling, a husband working, a body complaining and the cries of the earth seem especially loud. Yesterday was Earth Day. Celebrating this beautiful GOD made planet, The Planet Blue, with its INCREDIBLE beauty. Upon closer inspection  I see she is covering her scars, trying desperately to protect herself from the chemicals and the plastic and the man-made assaults of war against her skin to be seen and heard crying out for change before it is too late. 

I hear her cries and I understand her fight because I am fighting my own battle with chemicals…and plastics and all forms of man-made assaults from neighbors smoking and spraying herbicides and using chemical dryer sheets, all of which come into my space where I am sitting, trying to find peace on the mountain I call home. I must go inside and experience the pain that toxic air causes me, by just breathing in the air, which is supposed to be fresh, mountain air but it is not and because it is not, I am sick again.  I think of the earth, what must she be thinking? What is her heart saying to the people she has worked so hard for to support their very lives? Why can’t we support her too? Why can’t we love her and ourselves enough to stop assaulting ourselves and others in the process? These chemicals that our bodies were not made to endure keep coming. The first adaptation is addiction. From the first puff to the first drink or the perfume we bath in, the cells begin adapting to accommodate the poison. At first we don’t feel well and then you feel sort of a buzz when you partake of the “poison” we use for beauty or fun. Your cells adapt and finally your cells require the poison to function. This becomes your addiction. For those who struggle with it I am truly sorry for your pain. But your pain causes other people pain too and it is in everyone’s best interest for you to either get help or get educated. In becoming fully clear and present your sensitivity to the toxins you use will be heightened. You will become aware of your feelings and those around you including our beautiful planet, will be very thankful your awareness level is going up. For every chemical you stop using the earth can breathe and renew and heal a little bit. We have to care enough. It’s the only way we can change the world. The government is not going to protect us from the big chemical companies polluting the air and rivers and oceans. The precious animals and birds and bee’s can’t make the changes. They are just reaping what we sow and they are suffering and dying in alarming numbers. The only way our children and grandchildren will be healthy and able to enjoy this beautiful planet is if we begin the change. In mass numbers we have to be the change for the earth is crying out for. If we forget we belong to one another we will have nothing but pain in our future and the future of this earth so beautiful and so blue.

For more information on how to live and love your life the organic way contact Dr Lynn Schriner at  and

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