This house

I fell in love with a house

It sits on a mountain overlooking glory and red rocks

It called to me in a windowed and lace curtained room


I fell in love and I live here.

The light in the morning is soft and beautiful

The forest calls and dances and I love the sound of the birds singing

The creaking floors don’t really bother me..much

But the neighbors junk, old cars that sit in my driveway all the time

that bothers me and the fact that all winter I must sit in a tiny room where the heat rises because the rest of the house has no insulation..I mind that I think

I also am starting to weep because there is no closet space…none actually but a tiny one up front…my clothes are in the living room in a dresser, always wrinkled no matter how they are put away…I didn’t know this when we bought it because I was blinded by love…

The worst thing is this teeny, tiny,teeny bathroom closet. No storage, no counter top, and less than 3 feet across in places. I have hit my head, bumped my elbows, dropped my shampoo and make-up so often, no outlet except behind me when I stand at the tiny sink to brush my teeth or dry my hair. Frankly I have turned into a ragmuffin with a beard I think..honestly I can’t see anything because it is so dark in there.I don’t have a clue what I look like anymore until I go shopping and when I catch a glimpse in the mirror under the store lights I just want to cry for the sight of me….

I have moments where I think what the heck was I thinking..and the fact is I wasn’t. I just saw the light on the red rocks and felt the peace in the sun room and watched hundred year old trees dance together under a blue sky. It grabbed my heart that day  and held me captive with it’s bewitching and beautiful song.

So I will live with it as I do most things that come on strong and then begin to undress their shocking truths. My “perfect”house wasn’t in fact, so perfect. In fact it is probable the most charming and least functional house I have ever lived in but it is still a “Very, very fine house!” It still thrills me with the early light and the birds singing in the spring and the hiking trails all around us. We have in fact built a new bathroom and it is beautiful. We can work on the rest. Settling in is a road of memories and I am very grateful.




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