I Erased a Message from God

Gosh darn it! I was awakened at 3am and GOD had something really beautiful to download through me. I put on my nerdy glasses and turned on a low light and sat at this blasted computer and I wrote what he shared. I wrote it with such care and such joy, that my nocturnal wandering had some greater purpose and just as I was about to push the publish button and go back to sleep, I erased it!


I can’t truly wrap my head around that. I feel like I may have missed the very reason I was born. To actually be like Paul or David and write GODS heart for his people. In the most splendid of ways, with words that wrapped around a heart and healed a wound and drew a sinner (Like me) to his exquisite gift.


I searched the computer, prayed, felt lost, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I tossed and I turned and I shuddered and I asked forgiveness. I asked for the message again. I didn’t get it…not again. When the world opened up at dawn, my husband went on the computer to see if he could retrace it, or pull it up or find it..anywhere. He looked at me with sad eyes.


I’m really clear that’s what happened. I wonder if Paul or David ever missed the words God tried to give them to share with the next guy to read,and to know God a little better, for oh say the next thousand years. I wonder if they were awakened and groggy from lack of sleep, dropped the tablet into a roaring fire, or tripped and off the word of GOD went, into a rushing river.

This is where I have to really dig deep into my faith and believe that GOD is not mad at me, or disappointed like a coach when his prize player fumbles the ball and loses the game. I have to believe by faith that he will not give his next message to Sally Jean in Tulsa Oklahoma because she happened to be praying and has had more sleep.

I’m listening God…straining through blood shot eyes to see you and through my ringing ears of fatigue to hear you. I’m stretching my faith, to touch some word you shared in my menopausal brain. To pull it up and write it down…Just as soon as I can catch a nap.

Thanks for your patience with me God. I really do want to crawl into your abundant lap, sit in your classroom of saints and hear you say “Well done.” I’m wondering if David, the poet, a man after your heart, could just share a tiny bit of your poetic, prophetic love with my intended hand and listening ear. By osmosis.


3 thoughts on “I Erased a Message from God

  1. Me thinks the message was for you, but the world is not ready to hear it yet! His WORDS remain forever so they are not erased but written in your feminine soul and your spirit man; a seed of Christ that will grow in you until the world is ready to hear, see and taste the Fruit! God bless you!

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  2. Shweet!!!! I HATE when that happens…though i am not sure that it has ever happened to ME….i mean not that i don’t listen for God to give me some profound words of wisdom or an inspiring sound bite for the whole world…country…..city…..family…or heck…just for any ONE person even!!! I ask…i listen…but i hear nothing but my own wandering aimlessly through a miriad of fractured fantasy, thoughts!

    So i guess what i am trying to say is….what the heck was i talking about…???


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