If my heart were a garden

If my heart were a garden

I would blush pink with a peony

I would smile with a sunflower

lift my face to the sky like a daisy

and lay moist in the heat of the day

under the bench in the corner, in the shade.

There would be a cherub fountain with moss

and Ivy and ferns and tall pampas grass in a broken down urn.

If my heart was a garden, I would have to hide the tracks of years and tears

beneath the washing of the water by the gardener called Savior

I broke some hearts that need mending

fences need to come down. I would have a metal cross to remind me

every day that I am beautiful.

If I were a garden I would bloom with riotous colors

roses and Iris’s and dahlia’s and zinnia’s and delphiniums and lilacs

and baby’s breath and moss over rocks to soften my edges.

If I were a garden I would sigh in the morning light with the joy of the soil under my feet

Thankful for the curtain of light and the angel that bends down and picks me up when I can’t speak.


When my time is over on this earth, may those who loved me best come and sit among the labors of my heart and breathe in the scent of all that is good in me.


One thought on “If my heart were a garden

  1. victoriawoodworth says:

    I hear the running water and the murmuring breezes in the trees as I read this. Thank you for your living words!


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