Dear Victoria

Dear Victoria

Years of tears and tea, and toast and song and road trips and plane rides and camping under the stars. Years and Years of love across the miles, ripping up the telephone wires,(now there are no wires…strange) and patting each other and standing beside one another through marriages and boys and hospital visits and near death experiences. Years of rock and roll and big hair, and country visits and teaching about chicken feeding and rabbit love and ponies and horses and violets. Years of full moons and wandering in the darkness and a few seasons of “what the hell were you thinking?” Years of the lake and the family dinners and the holidays shared. Years of funerals and fear and pain so deep neither of us could breathe for a day. Shared Alleluhia, and gospel reading and the word according to Lynn, which you have always been so patient with me about. Years of prayers and dreams and pushing one another up a long steep hill. We started girls, we are now beyond anything resembling middle age (unless we live to be 120, which who knows, stranger things have happened) and I have looked into your dear face for so many years I would be absolutely bereaved without you.

You came again for my birthday and you have left again on a plane for the place you call home, with a cat and a husband and your dreams all tied up in a guitar string and a word. I sit on my mountain of dreams, remembering it all, my heart so full of the truth of us, that I can scarcely breathe, as a tear of gratitude is wandering down the aisle of a well worn cheek, kissed by the sun and your lips before we said “Goodbye”

I thank you for the well worn path, I thank you for the familiar terrain in my heart, I thank you for the bond we share, closer than blood, tighter than anything that has tried to tear us apart.

Sister friend

Call me later so I know you are safe

Forever my shadow and some pocketful of fairy light



4 thoughts on “Dear Victoria

  1. victoriawoodworth says:

    And a tear slides here as well. Thank you for being in my life, always a constant, in a madly inconstant world. You are my gift and I cherish you. Flight is on time, no glitches so far. Will be checking in. XO


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