Who will speak for those who have no voice?

I can’t be quiet any longer. I can’t stand back and watch the governments decide that we need more revenue and the revenue comes from Monsanto and all the other lobbyist for the chemical industry.  The Washington COG is one of complete and utter corruption. Hilary Clinton being an example of one who is IN BED with large corporations who fund her lifestyle. She has hired ex Monsanto people, she takes their “advice” she puppets what they say. One hand washes the other. I am disgusted by all of this. They sign their moral compass over to the devils who do the dirty work. While INNOCENT and HELPLESS creatures and children and the water and the air becomes contaminated with their choices. I AM BEYOND holding my tongue.

2 thoughts on “Who will speak for those who have no voice?

  1. Jeff Burgess says:

    Agreed. The corruption is unfathomable. Bills are passed in secret silence that take away our rights. The recent one passed that says companies no longer have to label foods as GMO being another example. They don’t want us to know what we’re eating, which is often “Franken-food” genetically modified in laboratories, filled with toxic pesticides and herbicides that are known carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting chemicals. We have to work so hard to get good quality food products, and even then, we still don’t know for 100% certainty that what we THINK we’re getting is what we’re ACTUALLY getting. Welcome to the continued “dumbing down” of the American People. Other countries, like Sweden and Australia won’t even allow that crap in their markets.

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    • I am actually in a pretty strong depression. Between the spraying, the elections, anniversary of deaths, and many other things I feel helpless and at times hopeless (which is NOT usually me) Thanks for caring enough to respond to my words which for the most part seem to fall on deaf ears…Thankful


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