What is real for me? What is real for you? It’s time to look at that again. Time to reconnect to our deepest soulful whispers. What is it we believe in and what is it that drives us to do and be what we are today?

The why of us.

The truth behind our heart.

I awaken and I search the deep before dawn, to sense and know who I am, who we are, in this world of hurt and laughter and hiding and scrambling and pressing people with agendas that collide often in mid-air, in afternoons, in bedrooms.

We want peace, yet we cannot release control.

We want joy, yet we hold on to our pittance of possessions and will not release our gain.

We want  love, yet we dictate the package it arrives in.

We want, we want, we want.

The why of us is selfish and frightened and irritable and stressed. The why of us is smiling and caring and kindness and rest. Oh the why of us is a complicated thing.


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