A New Year

I am not sure I want to write tonight because frankly the new year did not start well. It’s interesting how we associate one day as a new beginning. As if all the struggles will suddenly cease because we are told it’s a new year. That we will somehow not be so lazy or so depressed or whatever it is that holds us back from really finding that certain something that we all think we are missing. We live in a “spin doctor world” where on line we are writing about the food we just made or the “fun” we just had, when in fact behind the computer is sitting a lost and lonely person. Brad Paisley said “He was so much cooler on line.” I agree.

We were going to do a bathroom in our home because our adorable cottage has the tiniest closet of a bathroom that is currently leaking water under it’s 100 year old claw foot tub. Being allergic to mold, this doesn’t thrill me to know this. But upon closer inspection the place we were going to use would take away the only closet in the house (besides the furnace room and the front coat closet) both equally tiny. We can’t figure out how to have both a closet and a bath. PLUS truthfully this is a rough time in our marriage and they say construction and remodeling a home is REALLY stressful on the people living together…so I suggested we wait until calmer waters are within us. It’s not the most comfortable thing to confess our marriage is stressed, but I am guessing A LOT of people are living together in stress. So what the heck I am just going to “tell the truth and shame the devil” as the Pentacostal preacher used to say from his pulpit. Anytime I can shame the devil I am all up for that, because truthfully that ol devil likes to hurt me. So screw him. Anyway, I am digressing, truth be told…

So the night is young and I am growing old…the truth is told and the heart is heavy and from the looks of Facebook, everyone is happy tonight but me…If you believe all the “spins” anyway.

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