We are searching for peace. We are wanting the violence on this earth to stop. For balm to settle on every shore and mankind to touch the common chord within us. We are longing for peace for our children and grandchildren to be able to walk unafraid upon the earth’s unchartered and chartered courses. No wars, no violence, no deception of intent. As John Lennon said “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

It’s in our hearts for peace yet we can’t even keep peace within our own homes. Peace must start within us. We must find it in our daily routines of life. Peace on the highway when the reckless driver cuts us off, peace in the shopping market line of 10 items or less and the person in front of us has 20. Peace puts our neighbor before ourselves. Peace when our teenage child defies our orders to clean their room or do their homework. “Peace be still” says the Christ.

We have no peace because we have our own agenda. We have no peace because we believe what we think is the only way. We have no peace because we lack faith in our God. For if we truly believed in his love and goodness and power we would not panic at the next Presidential election. Nor would we wrestle with our fellow man to believe what we believe. We would be able to rest in the peace that surpasseth all understanding and breathe softly. To trust in the outcome and not sweat the journey.

Peace on Earth is a beautiful and impossible longing of our hearts in this time in history. Peace within our own homes and hearts is a more attainable place to live. Perhaps if we all started there. Peace might come.

Happy New Year


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