I am sliding into winter with the best of them. Dark, long days and the chill that wraps us all in dreams of beaches and warm summer days.

I am determined to love this season. The most wonderful time of the year.

I am doing this by putting on our “Happy Light” and putting on songs of”Happy” Pharrell Williams  Happy,  Katrina and the waves “Walkin in Sunshine” Iz “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and dancing boldly with my husband and our puppies. every blessed morning.

I am doing this by counting my blessings. A warm bed to lay my head, a snoring husband, warm water, hot tea, the ability to write my thoughts, the call from a friend, fresh produce in winter, a friendly village of people who surround us on the mountain. Options because I still live in the best country on earth. In spite of our problems, we are free. We have food sources and we can worship God as we see fit. We can get in our cars and travel. We can speak our minds and our hearts.

I am doing this by bundling in my mother’s old fur coat and walking the trails covered in snow. Watching healthy deer tip toe through the forest beside me. Watching the blazing blue skies illuminate the white frosted pine tree’s on the mountain. A winter wonderland like no other.

I am doing this by putting on some Christmas clothing and going to a new neighbor’s Christmas play of the Nutcracker. Watching children in the midst of the season, with joy in their eyes. Being thankful for the magic of children and new friends and old being a part of my days. There is much to be happy about and every day is a gift from God, a present to be unwrapped and enjoyed. Choosing to do just that. One long winter day at a time.

So yes, this is a most wonderful time of the year.

Now, I’m off to get HAPPY.

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