What is the answer to life? More God in my life. More Jesus, more love. More learning how to roll in the deep with the maker of my days and not struggle under the crushing weight of the waves that come crashing down upon me. More of raising my eyes unto the hills and knowing where my help comes from. My help comes from the Lord. I am learning to become thankful for all things because I gave God my life. My life is his to do with as he will. When I am thankful in all of my days, thankfulness brings witness to grace and grace brings with it peace and the ease of assurance that I am in HIS hands. Thankfulness is the key to open me to more grace from God’s storehouse of love. It opens the flood gates for the spirit of love to reside in my eyes, that I may see the many gifts he has given. From the light on the wings of a thousand feathered birds landing in a field of gold, to droplets of rain on my windowpane that are nourishing a tiny insect and it’s family, I have been given eyes to see all of these things. I have been given ears to hear the gentle snoring of my beloved beside me in our bed, the sounds of Mozart in the air, the laughter of my eighty eight year old dad who is still with me on this blessed earth, all gifts. Knowing that the very breath I am breathing is a gift and to know  that it has come from his love. I am on a quest to see the grace around me, to know more intimately the hand that feeds me, to hear the voice that gently calls my name in the third watch of the night. I am hunger and I am thirst and there is no quenching the fire within me apart from the grace of thanksgiving. There is no filling of the wine or the breaking of the bread inside the tabernacle of my heart, apart from thanksgiving. I see lack and he is plenty. I feel fear and he is faith. I wander while he waits. Only grace can restore me to peace again.

I am thankful this morning for the many gifts of his grace. For the wisdom to know that the answer to everything empty and wild in me is thanksgiving to the one who brings life and heals wounds and has covered me like a blanket in his love. I am thankful for the grace in a tempust storm. This amazing grace morning I will raise my eyes into the dawns early light and see the wonder of the gift and say thanks in the hushed tones of one long waiting for an answer to her pain. The answer is thankful, the answer is grace.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see.

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