What is, what has been and what will never be…making peace with my truth

For those who suffer, for those who wander, for those who love Jesus but don’t understand your life. This is my testimony and I pray you will find comfort here.

The Keeper Of Me

My eyes will never see the great wall of China. I will never see the top of Kilimonjaro, nor the bottom of the ocean. I will miss Paris in the spring and the Nantucket Lobsters. I will never  see fireworks light up the sky in Sydney, Australia. I will never be a grandmother, nor birth a baby. I have no chance of going to swim with dolphins in the wild. I am a mostly home bound, chronically ill 60 year old woman. Many of my days are behind me now. I can’t see much without my glasses. I stumble a lot when I walk the trails. I have a lot of wrinkles and my hair, once thick and shiny is now stringy and thin. So thin I can see my scalp. I have survived two cancer go rounds and my breasts are scarred and useless. I hurt every day and…

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