Songbirds sing

Last night the cottage was lit up with song and company. A small joy that makes life sing. Six degrees of separation becomes tangible with warm smiles and the actual flesh and blood artist who travels hundreds of miles to hug me and nest with her quiet and calm drummer husband and their complex and completely charming Boston Terrier named Izzy. The night was starry and calm. Her voice carried across the village like a Nightingale. I am thankful for the connection and the sharing of her beautiful voice to my small band of fans. She washed her words with stories and intimacy.

I am gazing long into this night, the grace and the beauty, the blessings and the awareness of how lucky we are and all of us, end the night across a room and a table, breaking bread and sharing soup. When the clock strikes midnight and every room in our cottage is full of sleeping joy, I breathe deeply the thankfulness and press my back into the heat of my husband while two sleeping puppies lay on their backs with their mouths open wide. The soft breathing of our lives in this tender joy moment carries me into sleep at last as full as I can be.

God is great

God is good

Let us thank him

For our food*

*joy, blessings, love, music and sleeping puppies


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