Waking the World

I have flown across vast bodies of water in the dark of night. The lights are dim in the cabin and the seat mate is snoring strongly. I burrow with my Walkman and listen to Cat Stevens.His voice calls out to me “Oooo baby baby it’s a wild world, it;s hard to get by just upon a smile.” I close my eyes and drift to the sounds of children laughing and babies fussing and a worn out mother’s voice “Shhhhh.”  Did I mention I am not a natural flyer?  I always sort of figured that if GOD intended us to fly we would have an extra set of wings in our back closet. I am sipping from a bottled water and sucking on peppermint and checking my watch every hour. There is only mystery on the other end of the journey. I am never one to appreciate the unknown. I grew up with boogie men under my bed which kept me cross legged and swimming. There was no way I was getting out of bed in the night. So in this trans Atlantic flight I am pressed up against the window (I insisted it be a window seat) and I can’t make myself go over two snoring men to shuffle my way down the aisle. I have a tenacious bladder for one so small. I count the minutes until dawn.The plane flies towards the lights from the other side of the world. I can see it coming up over Ireland. The world takes on a glow..A kiss good morning from GOD who is waking the world.The light falls across those of us fortunate enough to have raised our shade. It caresses the cheek, opens the eyes…warms the heart. I am so blown away by GOD calling out “Good morning I love you…look around it’s a new day, just for you! If you were the only one I would still show up for you. It’s my delight to sit beside you as the dawn rises to meet the earth that has been resting. Let me give you a kiss. I can’t wait for you to see what I have given you today!”

There is a beautiful truth for those who can be open to change. If we block the light we stay trapped in darkness of our own making.I know because I have lived much of my life in fear.

I can barely breathe I am so charged with this light coming to me from a darkened cabin at 30,000 feet. While Cat Stevens sings.

Trumps anything I can say about being afraid of the unknown.

If this is the unknown….I’ll take it.

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