Open arms

A morning thought

The Keeper Of Me

Morning has opened her arms. The forest light comes gently, tenderly into my eyes. I am the lover in the bed. I am the fisher of men. It is time to rise.

The trill of the mama bird, the building of the nest. I listen and I know her heart.

I am the wandering lost since she left me. She lays in the forest under a grave marker of ash cloth and copper words. Beloved

A small and rowdy pup bites my toes as I walk to the kitchen for sustenance. He will never know my heart is broken. I squat down and he studies me with my finger in his mouth, gnawing.

The light calls me. The day surrounds me. I will chose thankful. I will chose Open

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2 thoughts on “Open arms

  1. What has life for me in this piece; what tells me most about you is that second paragraph! “I know her heart.” It resonates with empathy and my own heart stance in the world. It’s a tender place to live. It is a kind place to live. It is a connection all place to live and it is a vulnerable place to live. I think it is why we connect.


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