The Keeper of Me/ Gratitude

Good morning

All is grace, putting a face to bewildering times


My first thought upon opening my eyes decides my day. It’s a seed planted to a listening soul, in trouble or trembling heart I will have a choice, do I listen to the groaning of the body upon rising or do I chose to trust GOD with whatever will come? Can it really be so simple as a choice? I can measure my life against yours and I may fall short or I can chose to measure my life in the light of gratitude and find peace again. Gratitude can be learned. It can begin with baby steps of thankfulness in the dark for the soft comforter that covers me in the chilly morning. It can be thankfulness for the moon hanging low upon the horizon and the light by which I can see. It can be a song that has come into my mind and with gratitude I can…

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