Love wins

It’s the quiet in the death that shakes the believer. They watched him hang from an old rugged cross that he carried. Mocked, bleeding, tortured. He uttered some words “It is finished” and so it seemed. Finished. The end of a dream, the end of a life that promised everything. What had been broken in them would be restored. He was gone. Sealed in a tomb, guarded by soldiers.

Numbness settles between the sobbing. No sleep and harsh words. “Liar!” No peace, no understanding. Just shock. It is finished.

Women who loved him can’t leave it alone. We must find him. care for him. Bring him home. So they walk behind cloth that hides their faces. They go to the garden tomb.  The earth begins to shake. They see no one. The stone has been rolled away. There is no body. Panicked they begin to cry. Will it never end? This loss? This deception?

A voice.Who are you looking for?The angel is sitting on the stone. “Do not be afraid for I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, he has risen, just as he said he would. Now go and you will see him. Now I have told you.”

They begin to run, their hearts pounding in fear, yet joy is dawning in the marrow of the bones. In front of them, on the path is the I am… “Greetings” They stumble and fall at his feet crying out “Lord Lord! I knew it! I believed! Praise you! Thank you!!” Still a part of them is afraid and he knows it. “Do not be afraid  go tell the others they will see me” 

I imagine they stumbled and ran, their thoughts racing. Love wins! He didn’t die! He isn’t dead!  Then their minds began to doubt “That isn’t possible!” Then again “But we saw him! We touched him!” Where doubt hides faith overcomes.

He met them in the upper room. Peace be still  touch my hands, touch my side. They were in awe and still some doubted. So he ate a fish and as they proclaimed the truth of it, he “opened their minds that they might see the truth”

He is with us always, even unto the ends of the earth.

Love wins.

In the morning of Easter remembering, truth resides. May he open your mind that we might fully believe. “He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s alive and I’m forgiven heavens gates are open wide”*

* The gospels of Mathew and Luke

* Don Francisco  He’s alive.

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