Dancing in white

I am ocean bound

all waves and deep blue darkness

tugging at my feet in foamy wonder

I was once young and like a mermaid

all beauty and tail.

Dancing in white for a boy named Scott

on the beaches of nakedness

in heart and soul

younger feet that will step on sea glass and shine her toenails in the sand

I will dance

no thought beyond the breeze and the boy and the music that he will play from his fluted lips that will call my name

Magic and cold nights and firelight and spinning girls who will fall against the sand, dizzy and hopeful for his smile.

His shared warmth will cover me with memories

that have lasted a lifetime when I allow the breeze to caress this wrinkled cheek.

I can dance in white cotton now beside a man I call home for twenty years

The pull of the moon and high tides are hidden beneath my slowly aging heart

I long to quicken my steps

and fall down on my knees

dancing white on the shore

I turn to see the man I call home

chasing sea turtles and laughing and blowing me kisses

My mouth is full of love and wishes

He will nourish himself in those moments

For a moment that young girl

all beauty and future

will shine from my heart and into my eyes.

Dancing in the light

Dancing in white

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