My Colorado Life

I am a native. I may try to fly away and I always find my way back. I am sort of like a homing pigeon that way. I have tried to live in New York, the South, California, Arizona, New Mexico. I have romanticized the various aspects of living somewhere/ anywhere besides Colorado. When the winter winds blow and the snow piles up in big, tall white towers of mocking road blocks, I dream of oceans and little drinks with umbrellas. In the past I flew yearly to the ocean side, always in a moment of winter madness and fell in love with a week of balmy…until finally one year I drove with my husband with all of our stuff in storage and rented a 300 sq foot apartment one block from the ocean for the same amount of money as our 5 acres with a barn and a 2000 sq foot house cost. The beach was rocky and dark and the wind off the ocean was cold. I got sick, really sick and faster than you can say ” What was I thinking?” we were back in our little SUV heading into the Colorado mountains, ordering hot chocolate and wearing our Ralph Lauren sweaters. Yes my skin chaps and wrinkles, yes my husband complains and grows grouchy every January and we forget to shave for a month but it’s in my veins this high mountain, high desert, wild plains state that I love. Pikes Peak is my muse, the days of sunshine and blue skies are upward of 200 days a year, with less than a month of cloudy grey days and you can wait five minutes if you don’t like the weather here. The seasons are beautiful and pronounced, the aspens blazing golds and reds, the wild fields of flowers, the winter white with the blazing blue skies, spring greens and gentle rains. I am a Colorado girl, I rode horses, snow skied and water skied, climbed mountains, hiked trails, ran rapids, got trapped in blizzards, almost bit by a rattle snake and I have lived in cabins and high rises, penthouse apartment and ranches and I am now happily living in the forest in a 1909 cottage that is about as romantic and lovely as Out of Africa. I have come to realize that Colorado is the love of my life. It’s where my roots are, and when I have traveled far and wide (Including Europe and Mexico) I always found myself longing to return. To see the majestic peaks, to find the variety of landscape and people endlessly interesting. From Boulder to Fort Collins where the organic outdoor lifestyle is in full, to the hot springs of Steamboat and Glenwood, to the riches of Aspen, the wineries of Palisade and Grand Junction, the orchards, the peaches, the rodeos and the cowboys, the symphonies of Denver, Aspen, Vail and Colorado Springs. This state has it all.

Sometimes you have to leave to know what your missing.

Pikes peak from our ranch in 2009

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