Winter wanderings

I live in the forest now, upon a mountain by a beautiful village. It has brought some much needed peace in the midst of grief and loss.  I have found in the stillness that I am unsettled within, like winter wanderings to find spring. I long for the morning of light with flowers and warmth. I long for my strength to return in the waiting of my Lord Jesus who sustains me. I meditate and I breathe quietly. I watch puppies tussle in the kitchen while longing for my dearly departed child who lays under snow and chill beneath the garden cross. I miss her my four legged loved one of 16 years. A shadow in my days that no longer wanders with me as the light extinguished when she crossed over. It is a lonely winter. My sister will come this week (If not in blood than in heart) I will turn 60. A miracle by all accounts. A lifetime of longing for health to return, for summer days instead of winter wanderings. It is time to accept all, to surrender to the truth of my days for they are all I have been given. I am counting my blessings

The forest light

The puppies breath

The sisters visit

The man who loves me

The father who still laughs

The wandering pen that records these days

The GOD for whom I trust even when I cannot feel him near

Nutrition for the soul

lounge in pajamas

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