To Long for the love

The forest has my gaze, all fairy lights and whispered beckoning of it’s mysteries behind tall majestic tree’s that wave and bend and stand arms upward to the heavens. The moon is heavy and full behind the bows and branches, the animals scurry among the shadows of GODS glory in the night. He lights up the longing in my heart for beauty and love. I am a hungry soldier of a barren land that is crazed and wild apart from his hand in mine.GOD is beauty and GOD is love and GOD is joy.For GOD is the most beautiful of all. He is not a tyrant or an abusive parent for whom I can never please. His love is bathing me in moonlight under the praising tree’s, while stars blanket the world in his glory. Maker of heaven and earth transporting me into his soul hug while a lone bunny rests at my feet and the blades of summer grass tickle my toes. GOD is watching over us, he always sits in the skies and in the souls and he loves. I could live blind and behind my eyes I would see his love. It’s burned into my retina, it sweeps me up as surely as if I am a baby in his arms. The light from his home burn bright..he is the whole of the sky.

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