Reducing your Obesogen Intake

Image1) NEVER use pesticides

2) Don’t buy or use Non stick Cookware (I use glass and stainless steel and enameled pots and pans)

3) Remove your shoes at the door. Outdoor chemicals come in on our shoes by the hundreds and end up in the dust that inhale through our lungs in our every day life

4) Avoid plastic containers for food storage (glass is my go to for alternatives)

5) Avoid stain and water protecting treatments on furniture and carpets. I advise in recycling for many of our home furnishings and if it needs TLC I opt for slipcovers made from an eco friendly fabric

6) Filter your water

7) Avoid foods in cans lined with BPA

8)Ask your community for more pesticide and herbicide free parks. Look for organizations to help you petition for this. Your children deserve this!!

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