An organic girl finds her way in a toxic world

Lynn on the farm

Living in the country has been a mixed message about chemicals. On the one hand you are out in the wild country with “fresh” air. The nearest neighbor is a quarter mile down the road. The winds blow without intervention and you learn to lean in. I was in my “garden of happy endings” when a larger farm behind our little farm sprayed with a new product that was a combination of 2-4-d (a derivative of Agent Orange) and Plateau.* I almost died. My guts felt like shredded glass. I went from 100 pounds to 84 pounds. I couldn’t eat solid food for two months. Truthfully I could have gone home to my maker. When my husband expressed to the farmer and his wife what had happened they said “They were sorry but they would continue to spray or their land was worthless” As a victim of the “air” I have no rights. I have no rights against monster companies like Dow. (Where is Erin Brokovich when you need her?) So I live in a body who’s terrain has grown toxic. I hurt every day and am lucky to stay awake past 8 o clock. My stomach hurts and I am dehydrated from the inability to absorb properly. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerated colitis. All because of a chemical.
All I can do is educate you about the dangers. Pray that you will educate others. Remember that babies are now being bathed in chemicals baths before birth. That cancer rates are soaring and depression is rampant and kids are growing breasts at the age of 5. That animals are dying and bees are dying and birds are disappearing at alarming rates. Water is lighting on fire from fracking chemicals and millions are being spent in the media to tell you otherwise. That GMO’s are “Safe”. The government is in bed with Monsanto one of the largest chemical companies in the world. They have protection from law suits thanks to that bed they lay in with people who are supposed to protect us. While millions of us are suffering and dying without “rights.” I am one of those people and perhaps you are too. For me being silent is no longer an option. I am going to share my story and I am going to speak up for those who cannot speak. It’s all I have left really. The chemicals have taken almost everything else.

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